The First Swiss Parabolic Flight Campaign 2015

Flights into microgravity

In order to present the Swiss Parabolic Flight platform to the public, a two-day kick-off campaign was held on September 21-22, 2015 (reserve date: September 23, 2015) on the premises of the Dubendorf Airport, Switzerland. Day one was dedicated to scientific microgravity research experiments, day two was the Microgravity Flight Participant flight day.

A new era of science

The first Swiss Parabolic Flight campaign is the foundation for the development of scientific, logistic and operational processes and it will advance the establishment of high-quality standard operational procedures for future Swiss campaigns. The Swiss Parabolic Flight campaign will host a full range of events and a lot of complementary information will be delivered.

An event for pioneers

It is a unique opportunity to gain more knowledge about the latest space science and microgravity research, to meet renowned international researchers and senior personnel of the Swiss Airforce in person. Foremost, it is a unique opportunity to experience the state of weightlessness above the Swiss Alps or the Mediterranean Sea.


For information (in German): Swiss Parabolic Flights: Eine neue Parabelflugplattform in der Mitte Europas. Flug und Reisemed 2016; 23(5): 252-256: