Mission accomplished

The First Swiss Parabolic Flight

Everything began with an idea. But because of our strong team, supporters and sponsors, the idea became reality: To test and to demonstrate the operational, logistic, technical, scientific, administrative and legal feasibility of microgravity research flights in Switzerland.

Working in space and in microgravity requires knowledge and experience, enthusiasm, strong dedication, very hard work, the aptitude to overcome setbacks, again and again. After thousands of experiments in the last decades, parabolic flights are the backbone of microgravity and spaceflight research and technology development. To date, parabolic flights are the basis for every manned spaceflight program.

On September 21st and 22nd, the Airbus A310 ZERO-G came to Switzerland for the very first time. And on September 22nd, we conducted the first Swiss Parabolic Flight in history.

Thanks to the pioneering spirit of a fantastic team, the first microgravity flight from Switzerland is now reality.


Prof. Dr. Dr. Oliver Ullrich and Prof. Dr. Max Gassmann
University of Zurich