The Airport

The airport: Dubendorf – 100 years of aviation

The airfield between Dubendorf and Wangen built in 1910 is internationally known as the birthplace of the civilian and military aviation of Switzerland. After 1948, civil aviation moved to the newly built Zurich Airport and Dubendorf was solely used for military purposes.

Dubendorf today and tomorrow

Today Dubendorf Air Force Base hosts Air Transport squadron 3 and 4, the Swiss Air Force Command, the Air Defense and Direction Center, Skyguide national for military air traffic control and Skyguide for Swiss civil air traffic control. The planned mixed civil and military use of the Air Force Base was approved by the Swiss government. The plans for the future use of the Air Force Base include an “innovation park“ for industry, spin-off companies and science.

The Aeromedical Institute (AMI)

The Aeromedical Institute (AMI) is the Swiss center of competence for medical and psychological assessment with regard to security and performance in military aviation, transport and management. For the air force the AMI examines pilots and parachutists, prospective General Staff course applicants as well as members of the special forces. The AMI offers an excellent medical support before, during and after the Parabolic Flight Campaign.